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Anonymous sent: hey I love your blog!!! I was wondering because I saw you put a picture of a snapchat do you have like petes snapchat??? or anyone elses other than brendons bc I know his

Brendon’s is patdbrendon and Pete uses falloutboy 😊

Anonymous sent: I have been a HUGE panic fan for close to 8 years now. I just got back from my 9th in boca. I love being in the pit but this time I got nothing but squished and had a bunch of (excuse me teenagers) but annoying 13 year old girls trying to trample me for my spot. I love the boys but I had to get out of there. Still had a blast from outside the pit though.

I know, that’s how it is unfortunately. Not everybody is self aware. I’m glad you had a great time though!

Um. What?
Anonymous sent: I went to the panic! concert in toronto and had to get carried out of the pit mid show. It was still the best night of my life. They are the best live!


Anonymous sent: Never been to a concert, the PATD will be my first one. What do I expect?

Expect your expectations to be so high after that gig, because no live band will ever be as good as them. Ever.