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well, ok.
Anonymous sent: Any news on spencer???

Nothing new!

vinnawinna: “We had a great dinner, crushed a ton of drinks, played darts… Travelled halfway around the world”@thisistherealryanross waxing philosophical on our day
thenopeasaurusrex sent: Hi, I am going to the Gospel Tour concert in massachusetts and I really want to get one of the exclusive t-shirts(the ones that have the state and crew..I'd attach a link but you can't do that in questions). I'm curious as to how early I need to get there and how chaotic it is to get the shirt. If you know anyone that has gone to one of the Gospel concerts yet and could tell me more about these shirts, I would be really appreciative. Thanks!


Anonymous sent: what does kenny play

Lead guitar.

Y’all so lucky if you’re seeing Panic! this tour. It’s horrible not looking forward to seeing them. Say hi for me please :(


Check out a few behind-the-scenes photos from Brendon Urie’s performance at the Alternative Press Music Awards HERE.
photo by Hoeg
Artist: Brendon Urie
Track: Luck Be A Lady (Frank Sinatra cover)